Pro-Wax 100 (Machine and Wax Set)
Pro-Wax 100 (Machine and Wax Set)
Pro-Wax 100 (Machine and Wax Set)
Pro-Wax 100 (Machine and Wax Set)
Pro-Wax 100 (Machine and Wax Set)
Pro-Wax 100 (Machine and Wax Set)
Pro-Wax 100 (Machine and Wax Set)

Pro-Wax 100 (Machine and Wax Set)

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Say Goodbye to Hairy Embarrass in Just 20 MIN

Our Wax Warmer Kit can be used for your Legs, Hands, Underarms. Easy and Quick, no Pain no trouble. Get rid of all hair embarrass and Enjoy Summer.

Help You Get Rid of Troubles and Pain

Compared with other hair removals. Pro Wax 100 Wax Kit can help you get rid of all types of pain & troubles, can be use Full Body, easy and healthy.

❌Cream-May caused chemical damage
❌Laser-Radiation and Not Clean
❌Plucking-Inconvenient & Painful
❌Razor-Easy to scratch your Skin

Our Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit is 

Safety & Healthy
Suit for Full Body
Quick & Easy to Use
Convenient & Comfortable


  • 🌹【 Easy To Use 】Electric wax warmer heaters can melt up to 500 ml of soft wax or fairly hard wax beads. Electric wax heaters can add wax flavors without harming your health. Can easily remove your body hair. Simple cleaning methods, simply remove the aluminum container after use to protect you from burns and use a professional wax container cleaner
  • 🌹【 Ultra-fast melted wax 】 Professional and fast Electric Wax Heater that melts and heats all types of waxes such as hard waxes, paraffin waxes, wax beads, soft waxes, cream waxes, and more. Save your time and money in the salon

  • 🌹【 Suitable for all parts of the body】 Electric Wax Heater widely used in all parts of the body, face, beard, beard, eyebrows, armpits, arms, legs and other parts of the hair removal

  • 🌹【 Easy to use 】 Test the temperature before use until it cools to the proper temperature for care. Use a towel to apply a layer of melted wax along the direction of hair growth. No hair removal, no pain, no allergies. At the same time, Electric Wax Heater can supplement the skin oil, quickly absorb and form a natural protective film, improve rough dry skin, and create a long-lasting moisturizing skin

  • 🌹【 Convenient&safe 】 You can adjust the temperature to meet all requirements - all waxes require different temperatures to melt. From 70 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius, when the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, Electric Wax Heater will automatically stop working, and when the temperature is less than 100 degrees Celsius, the hot wax unit starts working at 70 degrees Celsius again. The compact size provides perfect portability and can be easily adapted to any suitcase


STEP 1: Put the Wax Beans in Pro Wax 100

Power on and wait for 10-15 min until the Wax totally melt.

Apply wax to the skin that needs hair removal.

Wait for a few minutes until the wax solidification then tear it off.

1 PC Pro Wax 100
4 pcs x 100 gram Wax Beans(Blackberry, Lavender, Strawberry, Greentea)
10 pcs Wood-Sticks


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