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Portable Chair

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Portable Chair

Portable Chair Going out for a picnic, fishing, or camping, can't find a stool of the right height?

outdoor portable chairspace saving telescopic tolding chair
Do you enjoy quietly sitting outside, staring at all the beauty around you while quietly contemplating life? It makes it hard to really enjoy yourself when you have to struggle to get down on the ground to sit. And once you're down on the ground you realize - oh my gosh, I have to somehow use these aged knees to get me back takes a little something away from all that joy.

With this retractable stool, you'll no longer have to go through all those pains just to enjoy the beauty that is around you. This super portable stool collapses down to practically nothing, so you can take it anywhere!

Portable Telescoping Stool Folding Camping Stool Seat
which has the patent design for the outdoor camping product line market in

Special Design
The telescopic body of the stool is made from 120 segments that make the stool more flexible and stronger while maintaining the best balance between weight, size, and strength.

outdoor portable chair retractable
Foldable Stool Seat
The stool can be adjusted to the desired height according to your need. This folding stool is the best for you. It has the greatest feature that it doesn't sink into the sand, unlike other foldable stools and chairs.

Adjustable Strap
The stool is able to be carried in an easy and comfortable way by the adjustable shoulder strap. The strap gives you free hands carry without getting tired. Indoor you can hang it on the wall to save space.
stool folding camping chair
Material: Poly-Amide Plastic
Height: 17.7"(45cm) >> 12 positions
Seat dimensions: 10"(25cm) diameter
Maximum load: 130KG
Weights: 1.25KG
Strap length: 43"(110cm)

travel, hiking, museums, shows, picnics, camping, fishing, outdoor events, can be used on the bus/ subway/ train station
folding camping chair

space saving telescopic folding chair
Package Included:
1 x portable folding stool
1 x Operation Instruction

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