Miracle Anti-Aging and VitC Serum
Miracle Anti-Aging and VitC Serum
Miracle Anti-Aging and VitC Serum
Miracle Anti-Aging and VitC Serum
Miracle Anti-Aging and VitC Serum
Miracle Anti-Aging and VitC Serum

Miracle Anti-Aging and VitC Serum

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  • Use this anti-aging serum as a hyperpigmentation treatment, dark spot corrector for face, age spot remover for face, sunspot remover for face, wrinkle filler, skin brightening serum, and as dark circles under eye treatment.
  • Help clear skin and even skin tone with powerful skin reviving ingredients and antioxidants including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and jojoba oil.
  • Vit C serum for face increases collagen and elastin production, which helps skin repair itself, fight fine lines and dark spots, and improve skin firmness.
  • PURE AND GENTLE vitamin c moisturizer serum for skin and eye area. Daily use of Vitamin C Face serum will leave behind a youthful & radiant glow.



The best way to use a topical vitamin C is to simply apply a small amount of it once or twice a day (depending on your skin type) to clean dry
skin. It should be applied before you begin applying your makeup (give it time to dry), but after you use your daily facial toner
(should you choose to use one). From there, simply continue with your regular makeup and skin care routine

How long does vitamin C serum take to work?

  • Before answering this question, we should understand what vitamin C serum essentially does for your skin. The potent antioxidant intervenes with the development of pigment within your skin, and it also ensures to fade away any dark spots. When you add vitamin C serum to your skin care routine, you will start seeing some noticeable changes and improvements in your skin. It usually takes about three weeks for the serum to take full effect but it also depends upon the skin type.

When should you use vitamin C serum? Day or Night?

  • There is no specificity associated with the use of the serum either at night or during the day. If you want your vitamin C serum to be useful, then you should use it twice a day right after your cleansing and toning and before applying any makeup. You should use it before sunblock in the day to protect against the harmful rays of the sun and from the pollutants in the air.

How much vitamin C serum should be used?

  • Vitamin C serum protects the skin on your face from the effects of aging because it is vital for the development of collagen as well as maintaining it, but it also neutralizes the free radicals of your skin. The serum is known to even out the skin tone and reduces any dark circles that are making your eyes look baggy.

    Vitamin C serum is very popular for facial care especially because it helps to convert your dry skin into moisture and hydration. Vitamin C serum should be used in your daily routine when you clean your face, neck as well as eliminate dirt and excess oil.

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